Welcome to the 5th Swedish Math-Biology Meeting at Stockholm University

Thursday December 5 09.40 to Friday December 6 16.30.

Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University. House 5,
Kräftriket, Roslagsvägen 101 map

Keynote speakers:
Steinar Engen, Trondheim, Norway
Environmental and demographic stochasticity in biological processes

Hans Metz, Leiden, Netherlands
Adaptive Dynamics

Organizing committee:
Tom Britton, Ola Hössjer, Joanna Tyrcha, Rolf Sundberg, Pavel Kurasov, Martin Sköld, Michael Höhle, Fredrik Olsson, Mehrdad J Mamaghani

Important dates:
August 31:
Deadline to submit abstract for talk or poster

September 30:
Notification of acceptance of abstracts and final program

October 31:
Last day to register for meeting

December 5-6: