To transfer files from the old system to your University Account

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  1. Log in to one of the computers in room 41/42 with your University Account.

  2. Start the program gFTP which you can find in the K-menu at the bottom left corner of the screen: Internet > gFTP

  3. Fill in the blank fields for Host, Port, User, Pass according to the information below and choose SSH2 in the field to the right of Pass.
    Host: slogin
    Port: 22
    User: <your username in the old system>
    Pass: <your password in the old system>

  4. Click at the button to the left of Host showing two computers.

  5. The files in your University Account will now be visible in the left window and the files in your old account will be visible in the right window. Copy the files by selecting them in the right window and click on the arrow pointing left that is situated between the two windows. Updated: August 10, 2009