The Swedish National Committee for Mathematics

Past activities

Minutes from yearly meetings of the committee.

The Swedish National Committee for Mathematics was founded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on December 3, 1952.

There is an excellent way to get a survey of available academic positions in the five Nordic countries: the Nordic-Math-Job web page, run by Sigmundur Gudmundsson in Lund with the support of the mathematical societies in all five countries. The Swedish National Committee for Mathematics recommends all university departments in the mathematical sciences in Sweden to send in their announcements on vacant positions to this data base.

The committee has invited several outstanding mathematicians to lecture in Sweden: Enrico Bombieri (1991), Paul Malliavin (1993), Persi Diaconis (1994), John H. Conway (1995), Karen Uhlenbeck (1996), Jesper Lützen (1997), Anna Sierpinska (1999), John Milnor (2000), Vaughan Jones (2001), and Brian Davies (2006), Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (2008).

In 1998 we organized a conference instead of inviting a lecturer. This conference was held on May 5, 1998, at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. The the purpose of the conference was to promote understanding of mathematics among Swedish policymakers.

In 2000, the Committee has conducted a policy discussion (mostly in Swedish) on a web page edited by two of its members, Karl Gustav Andersson and Gunnar Sparr. De har anordnat en diskussion, kallad Matematikens möjligheter och matematikers ansvar.

In 2000, the committee took the initiative of organizing a meeting, 'Sonja Kovalevsky-dagarna', for high-school students from all over Sweden in order to stimulate the interest for mathematics among young people. Sponsored by Swedish industry and academia, this now has established itself as a yearly event, circulating over Sweden. Since 2000, the days have been organized by KTH in Stockholm, Lund University, Linköping University, Gothenburg University/Chalmers, and Uppsala University. In 2009, 'Sonja Kovalevsky-dagarna' will be organized in Uppsala. For the program for 2008, with links to preceding years, cf. Uppsala08

In 2007, jointly with the Swedish National Committee for Radio Sciences, we organized a workshop in Lund, directed on high-school teachers and students. The initiative was well attended and highly appreciated. For the program, cf. Lund07

Past activities of the committee are also described in our yearly summaries of activities found below (in Swedish).

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