Integral Geometry and Tomography

An International Conference

dedicated to Jan Boman's

75-th birthday

Stockholm University, SWEDEN,

August 12-15, 2008

Dept of Mathematics, SU

The main theme of the conference is integral geometry and its applications.
The conference will bring together specialists in pure and applied aspects
of the mathematics of tomography and related techniques.

Organizers: P. Kurasov, M. Passare, H. Rullgård, J-O. Strömberg and O. Öktem

Advisory board: J. Boman, F. Natterer, T. Quinto, and G. Uhlmann

Invited speakers: G. Beylkin (Colorado), L. Ehrenpreis (Temple), Y. Colin de Verdière (Grenoble), D. Finch (Corvallis), S. Gindikin (Rutgers), A. Greenleaf (Rochester), E. Grinberg (New Hampshire), M. de Hoop (Purdue), A. Katsevich (Orlando), P.Kuchment (Texas), F. Natterer (Münster), R. Novikov (Nantes), M. Lassas (Helsinki), A. Louis (Saarbrücken), L. Päivärinta (Helsinki), T. Quinto (Boston), V. Sharafutdinov (Novosibirsk), P. Stefanov (Purdue)

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There will be no conference fee, but the participants will be asked to contribute 300 SEK towards the conference dinner. If you need accommodation in Stockholm, please use the link below

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