Topics in Algebra

International conference in honour of

Ralf Fröberg's 65th birthday

Stockholm University, SWEDEN,

12-16 June 2009

The theme of the conference is algebra.

Conference proceedings will be published by as a special issue of the Journal of Commutative Algebra. Deadline for submission is September 15th 2009. Please send your contribution to freyjah AT

Invited speakers:
L. Avramov (University of Nebraska, USA)
J. Backelin (SU)
V. Barucci (Sapienza Universitā  di Roma, Italy)
G. Björck (SU)
A. Björner (KTH)
M. Boij (KTH)
W. Bruns (Universitä Osnabrück, Germany)
M. D'Anna (Universitā  di Catania, Italy)
S. Di Rocco (KTH)
E. Emtander (SU)
A. Geramita (Queen's University/Universitā di Genova, Canada/Italy)
C. Gottlieb (SU)
J. Herzog (Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
F. Hreinsdķttir (The Iceland University, Iceland)
A. Iarrobino (Northeastern University, USA)
S. Lundqvist (SU)
C. Löfwall (SU)
V. Micale (Universitā  di Catania, Italy)
M. Passare (SU)
J.-E. Roos (SU)
E. Sköldberg (National University of Ireland, Galway)
J. Snellman (Linköping University)
A. Torstensson (Lund University)
Ngo Viet Trung (Vietnamese Academy of Science and Tecnhology, Vietnam)
V. Welker (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany)
E. Wulcan (University of Michigan, USA)
S. Zarzuela (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)


Conference programme

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There will be no conference fee. Participants, other than invited speakers, are kindly requested to arrange their lodging by themselves. For reference, look at "Accommodation" above. Those who would like to participate in the social events will have to pay for themselves.

If you would like to participate, please, register by sending an e-mail to containing the following information:
Veronica Crispin (Stockholms universitet/University of Oregon),
Freyja Hreinsdķttir (University of Iceland),
Emil Sköldberg (National University of Ireland, Galway),
Mikael Passare (head of the Department of Mathematics, Stockholms universitet),

Sponsored by
Henrik Granholms stiftelse
Department of Mathematics
Swedish Research Council
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences